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Who is Consultant André Lopes? I was born in Coimbra, where I studied and worked until I was 22. I graduated in Tourism with an average of 17, having been the best student in my course, taken at the Coimbra School of Hotel and Tourism, level IV certification. For the next two years I lived in Lisbon, and in 2012 I fell in love with the wonderful island of Terceira and its people, and since then it has been my paradise, the place where I chose to live. Professional experience: Over the course of around 19 years in the job market, I have worked in different companies and professional areas, always in search of knowledge, acquisition of skills and professional development. But I highlight the following functions as those that I consider to have been the most remarkable throughout this life journey. - Real Estate Consultant (Coimbra) - Tourism Commercial (Lisbon) - Managing Partner at Bar do Abismo (Biscoitos Bathing Area) - Marketing and Sales Director (Angra do Heroísmo) - Real Estate and Credit Consultant (Terceira Island) Personal characteristics: I evaluate myself as an extremely organized and methodical person, responsible and hardworking. Over the years I have developed good flexibility, adaptability and resilience, always assuming commitments with a spirit of duty and dedication. I am very dynamic, committed and proactive. My main hobbies and passions are football, fishing and puzzles. Read more
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