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Don´t take life so seriously. After all, no one comes out of it alive. So face life with the seriousness of a clown juggling, laugh at the difficulties and balance yourself in the challenges. My name is Marisa Alves, and it´s a joy to be here, sharing a little bit of myself with you. On this stage that is life, I have constantly been looking for challenges that push me to grow, learn and contribute to a better world. Throughout my journey, I´ve found that the key to success lies in the unique combination of passion, dedication, and of course, a touch of humor. After all, life is an adventure, which every day offers us the opportunity to explore new horizons. Professionally, I have experience as an employee of an Enforcement Agent, where I was able to hone my personal skills and build valuable connections. I believe in the power of collaboration and the positive impact we can create when we work together. But make no mistake, I´m not just a real estate consultant and credit manager. In my free time I love reading, acting, crocheting and socializing with friends I´m excited to be a part of this team and can´t wait to make your life better. Let´s turn your dream into the best experience every day. Read more
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